Рыжова Кристина Владимировна

Рыжова Кристина Владимировна

Рыжова Кристина Владимировна

преподаватель английского языка
Let me introduce myself. My name is Christina. I appreciate people’s honesty, kindness and intelligence. I never leave things half done. I’m hard-working, diligent, modest and sociable. In my spare time I like going to the cinema, reading books and listening to music. I like to work with children. The kids are different and every my lesson is not an easy game. But if I succeed, their eyes are bright and that makes me feel happy. I’m fond of English. English is my passion. Somebody said: “English is a language that came from nowhere to conquer the world…” If you want to be in step with the times you should learn English. So, I hope to see you at SRC!

ОбразованиеУлГПУ им. И.Н. Ульянова, 2007-2012, диплом с отличием

Квалификация: Преподаватель дошкольной педагогики и психологии. Учитель иностранного языка  

Опыт работы: АНО «Симбирский Ресурсный Центр» с 2012 г.

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