Английский с Dave Brazier из Лондона

Английский с Dave Brazier из Лондона


Впервые в Ульяновске квалифицированный преподаватель из Великобритании - Dave Brazier!

  • Полный годичный курс обучения в удобное для Вас время
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Теперь, чтобы получить качественное образование, не обязательно ехать в Великобританию!

I have spent around 5 weeks, in total, volunteering across two schools in Ukraine (this June and last September). During this time I discovered my passion for teaching English as a foreign language. I understand how life enhancing learning English can be for non-native speakers and I consider myself particular lucky to be in a position where English is my first language.

Engaging students with games, music and other creative methods can make learning English a fun adventure rather than a laborious task. Yet it is so important to understand the grammatical rules within English in able to communicate correctly and effectively.

I feel very privileged to be offered this opportunity with Bright school. I will endeavour to ensure students feel a sense of purpose within their lessons and that they are making practical gains in their knowledge of English. I look forward to developing professional relationships and also getting to know the students for who they are as individuals and how I can assist them in their language goals along their journey.

Warm wishes,